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Plug your electric guitar to microphone or line input of your sound card and use my virtual stompbox to play rock'n'roll music. GuitarFX offers many presets like "hard rock", "high gain lead" and "solo" effects. Don't worry, you can click through several tabbed menus to easily create your custom sounds. They can be saved as presets for future use. Once you have the desired configuration, GuitarFX runs transparently in the background. Among the effects, you can apply distortion, compressor, flanger, reverb, chorus, delay and a number of other filters. Enjoy real-time distortion with noise reduction and threshold control. You can save your recordings to your hard drive. GuitarFX supports a number of sound cards. These include SB Live, AWE64, Yamaha, SoundMax and all cards with DirectSound or WDM drivers. This shareware version is fully functional. Download Click Here!

It combines the versatility of a room full of vintage and modern amps with full-featured, studio-quality effects. With 26 programmable effects to choose from and up to twelve available at once, the RP100 offers endless possibilities. Each effect includes up to three adjustable parameters. The built-in Rhythm Trainer plays sampled drum beats in an infinite loop and allows you to change patterns, tempo, and volume level. The RP100 comes with forty ready-to-use factory presets, all of which can be adjusted and stored as user presets. Other features include 24-bit A/D-D/A, a simple user interface, chromatic tuner, stereo output, and an expression pedal input.
A 24-bit, studio-quality stereo effects unit offers an array of useful algorithms including chorus, tremolo, compression, noise gate, delay, and much more. A separate, manually or MIDI-controllable wah and 9 stereo reverbs are available in combination with any other effect, amp, or speaker setting. 2 effects parameters are directly accessible. This cool unit retains the original V-Amp's chromatic tuner and a tap tempo function for realtime adjustment of effect speed. You also get an adjustable stereo aux input, stereo line output with speaker simulation, 3-band EQ,

master volume, and adjustable headphone output. The MIDI interface enables realtime remote control, automation, data transfer, and access to additional parameters. The 125 onboard presets are organized into 25 banks and include 50 presets by renowned guitarists. On top of all that, the V-Amp 2 offers 5 practical configuration modes plus a presence control that simulates negative-feedback tube amps. The new pre-amp bypass lets you use it as a stereo effects unit. Dramatically improved gate and noise reduction circuits produce an impressive 90dB S/N ratio.

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